Unshielded antenna for medium range geological surveys, center frequency: 120MHz

Area of Application:

  • Deep geological surveys
  • Glacier surveys and monitoring
  • Water level mapping
  • Alluvial deposits and layer mapping
  • Dam structural integrity surveys, embankment control


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The antennas from the Gekko series are compact, lightweight, ultra-wide band ground penetrating antennas from the VHF radio frequency band.
They have an improved signal to noise ratio and more precise resolution compared to similar devices from other manufacturers. Gekko antennas are therefore excellent for applications where deep penetration, good resolution and maneuverable GPR systems are desirable.

Gekko-120 is fully compatible with the rest of the Geoscanners equipment. It is easily mounted on a drone or the GST-806 cart, designed specifically to be used on cars or other vehicles, or with the SVC-820 cart (standard 4 wheel cart).

Just as with the rest of the Geoscanners antennas, Gekko-120 is designed with the end user in mind. It can be used in both monostatic mode or in bistatic mode. Depending on which mode is desirable by the user, the antenna comes equipped with top of the line Geoscanners plug-in electronics; TR-501 for monostatic mode or a combination of RX-501 and VHT-501 for bistatic mode. By including the transceivers in the antenna, we made sure that the end user receives a highly integrated device with all the matching already made to give the best possible results.


Mechanical and Environmental Specifications

Dimensions LxWxD Weight
Fastening points LxW Ingress Protection* Operating Temperature** Relative Humidity

*TR-501 attached
**Antenna only, for the electronics refer to the appropriate datasheet.

800x120x222 mm (x4.7×8.7 inches) 2.5kg (pounds)
260×60 mm (10.23×2.36 inches) IP54

from -30°C to +75°C (from 14°F to +104°F) 99% (NC)


Electrical Specifications

Antenna Type
Shield Type
Feed point impedance Antenna Bandwidth Antenna Center Frequency Front to back ratio

*This data is preliminary based on limited amount of units.

Wu-King Inverted Folded Bowtie Unshielded
270* Ohms
90%* (at 10dB)

120 MHz (at 10dB BW) 0 dB
2 dB


Recommended Specifications

Pulse repetition Frequency, PRF
Scan Rate
Range (depends on soil penetration) Low Pass Filter Cut-Off Frequency
High Pass Filter Cut-Off Frequency (MHz) Gain

50 kHz
25 Scans/Second
128 ns – control unit maximum 60 MHz
240 MHz
Adjust to 75% Swing



• GST-806 Car survey trailer
• SVC-820 Standard 4 wheel cart
• K-100B Adapter for SVC-820
• ASH-822 Hand carrier for one Gekko antenna*Accessories are not included


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