LiAir 250

LiAir 250

Our high-end LiAir 250 system is able to meet survey-grade project specifications. Powered by the Riegl miniVUX-1UAV LiDAR sensor, this laser scanning system was designed by surveyors for surveyors. It is capable of measuring ranges up to 250 meters in length while capturing a maximum of 100,000 LiDAR points per second. Extensive field testing of the LiAir 250’s performance has demonstrated that users can readily produce point clouds that achieve absolute vertical accuracies of 3 cm (RMSE).

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Due to the large number of returns that can be generated from each laser pulse emitted from the Riegl sensor (up to 5), UAV-LiDAR data sets collected at forested sites by the LiAir 250 are likely to provide measurement data that covers the upper-, mid-strata, and lower or sub-canopy zones. Ground features are less likely to be excluded from the multiple-return LiDAR datasets which makes them particularly useful for those that wish to discover, observe, and measure objects and/or landforms hidden beneath vegetation. The LiAir 250 is also particularly well-suited for scanning snowy and icy terrains and is a great choice for glacier and snowfield mapping as well as avalanche hazard monitoring. Images captured from the optional color camera integration can bring extra fidelity to the already extraordinary LiAir 250 point cloud datasets.




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