LiBackpack D50

Bærbar laserscanner i ryggsekk format:

  • Horisontal og vertikal lidar
  • LiDAR/SLAM integrasjon
  • Trådløs sanntids visualisering
  • 1:1 sanntids prosessering
  • 100 meter rekkevidde
  • Skanner både utendørs og innendørs

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Best Practices and Methodologies to Mobile Mapping

Route Planning

  • Use shortest route needed to adequately map an area
  • Close the loop. Loop closure is the act of correctly asserting that the LiBackpack has returned to a previously visited location. A closed-loop route will help to prevent accumulative drift error and distortion of the final data.
  • Make slow, wide turns around corners
  • When going up and down a staircase, the scanner should be kept parallel to the staircase
  • If an about-turn is necessary, try to be as slow as possible and make sure the rotation speed is less than 30 degrees per second
  • Do not move features in the mapping area once data collection has begun
  • Do not double-back along the same route of travel while capturing data with LiBackpack


  • Begin from a stationary position in an environment with ample features
  • Begin data collection after point cloud appears on the user’s device
  • When mapping open areas, do not start scanning in a corner or against a wall
  • Ensure only one device is connected to the LiBackpack WiFi connection at any given time.
  • It is recommended the battery be above a 30% charge during data acquisition
  • The distance between the LiBackpack and the display device should not exceed 5 meters.


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